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The Network Marketing Journey

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” ~ Alex Noble

journeyI’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for almost 20 years. The entirety of that time I’ve worked it part time with the intent of earning a side income. I’ve always enjoyed my careers outside of Network Marketing and the extra money I made in my network marketing pursuits was nice to have.

I had dropped out of the industry a few years to concentrate on my career as a musician and some changes in my family with a new marriage. But a few years back I’ve made the decision to return to Network Marketing again to create a supplemental residual income. So I’ve had to change my goals, my activities and my mindset to align myself with that goal.

The focus of my activity is on growing a team within a primary Network Marketing opportunity that I’d be associated with. These days, a large percentage of that can be done online and building relationships through social media.

In my years doing this business, I’ve experienced the gamut of things in this industry – some good things, some great things and some bad things. For instance: I’ve had involvement with companies that I did very well in, only to see companies go out of business and all of my hard work disappear. I’ve been involved in MLM’s where my upline enroller promised the world and then quit, leaving me an MLM orphan to figure things out by myself.

I’ve been in MLM’s where the products we were selling sucked and everyone I sold it to told me so and wanted their money back. Argh!!! I’ve built MLM downlines through buying leads and cold calling like crazy, did the “3-foot rule” prospecting, prospected friends and family, did the home meetings, the hotel meetings, direct mail using sales letters and postcards, used all sorts of gimmicks, software programs, mass emailing, call blasting software, newspaper advertising, sizzle lines, etc….Whew!

I’ve been in MLM’s where I’ve made nothing and others where I did really well, and yet others where I tried to do well but my conscience wouldn’t allow me to continue with the opportunity because it was flawed and took advantage of people. I’ve been in a network marketing business that I built a large downline but few was willing to do what I did to get there.

I’ve learned there are good opportunities, bad opportunities, and opportunities you need to run from as FAST as possible. I learned there were really HOT opportunities that take off and become a latest fad and then before they crash and burn. There are opportunities that are really loud, bold, flashy and pricey, and yet other opportunities that are not very sexy at all, stay “under the radar”, operated ethically, non-gimmicky, but have grown consistently over the years without a lot of flash or hype – just good honest hard work. I’ve seen it all.

I’ve been through the trends, had to shift gears and learn new things. I’m not an MLM junkie that jumps from one opportunity to the next. Many of those opportunities are no longer around. However, I believe in finding and staying in and focusing on one single, solid opportunity for the long haul income while having several other income streams that support your marketing efforts. I know a lot of MLM’ers jump from one opportunity to the next trying to find the perfect fit for them. I believe everyone should eventually find a home with one company where they can build their future in.

Network Marketing is like any other business. Sometimes you experience failures before you experience success. It can take you time to learn the business until you get it right and along the way, you have to build yourself up to be strong in handling the flack from people close to you because you haven’t experienced success in your endeavors. Keep your chin up. Every successful entrepreneur has experienced failure on their way to success. The difference between the average person who gets gun-shy after failure and the true, success-minded entrepreneur is all in how they respond to failure. The entrepreneur recognizes it as part of the journey. If you’ve failed or you’re right in the heat of it, make up your mind that you CAN succeed. You could change everything and get on track to having a successful business and life STARTING TODAY. I’ve had to make that decision several times with all that I’ve gone through in business and in life.

Pulling Yourself Out of the Pit

I encourage you to put yourself in gear and go forward in your business. Put the setbacks and the failures behind you. Assess the cause of your failure…is it not doing the right activities that lead to success? Is it not enough support from your upline? Is it that your projecting a poor self image, lack of confidence or a negative attitude, thereby repelling people?  Is it an opportunity that you have a low belief level in? Is it that you just don’t know HOW to market effectively and what you’re doing isn’t working? All these things can be fixed and do something about.

Really the only way to truly fail in this business or in anything you do in life is to quit. QUTTERS ALWAYS LOSE! You may have to change direction or do something different…and that could completely change your outcome for the better. Determine NOT TO QUIT. Determine that YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Start building yourself up first….Start hanging around people who are positive, productive, purposeful, and powerful in their life. Also get busy growing as a person and entrepreneur…fill in the gaps by getting on a path of gaining knowledge and putting that knowledge into practice. See the section on the Success Mindset tab (at the top) for suggestions on some great personal development resources to help you along.

Here’s one suggestion: Author John Maxwell (one of my favorite authors) wrote an excellent book about the topic of failure and success called Failing Forward“. It’s a great book to read, full of encouragement and it should be in every entrepreneur’s library.

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Jimmy Cruz

I'm a home-based entrepreneur and a professional musician. I'm impassioned about working from home & helping others succeed as entrepreneurs. I'm a Dad to 3 awesome adult kids & 2 great step-kids, husband to my beautiful wife, Cheryl. I love time with friends and family, being creative, writing/performing music, physical fitness and antique shopping with my wife.