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Optimistically Attract Money & Abundance into Your Life

Have you asked yourself why some people always seem to be lucky?

Have you wondered why some people seem to attract money so easily when others seem to end up broke no matter what they do?

And Why some people are almost always happy?

Did you ever wonder what they do differently?

I have a very interesting friend, Vinny, that I’ve known since high school that is just like that. He didn’t seem very different than anyone else that I knew, except that he always had a positive attitude and was always optimistic. He presently owns an investment company with several offices in a number of states. Needless to say, he’s quite wealthy. When we were younger, we both played in rock bands together, worked in construction jobs together, and later worked in the same office together. Yet, everything he did turned to gold with no effort. Why? He also attracted a lot of people to himself and is loved by many. He befriends everyone and sees the good in all people, no matter what status of life they’re in.

So what makes these people different from most others?

The answer is that they use their mind and imagination in a certain way. They’ve trained their minds to FOCUS on POSITIVE things and to EXPECT positive outcomes. They regurlarly use creative visualization as part of their normal thought processes. No matter what happens to these folks, many of these people are “hopeless optimists” and seem to attract good things into their lives. They are magnets of positive outcomes.

They use creative visualization in their thinking. It’s basically like daydreaming. They project positive outcomes in there thoughts. Their thinking creates imaginary mental scenarios of events and situations, just like a movie, but with the difference that with creative visualization they implement certain rules and procedures that enable them to create these mental scenarios and events as reality in life. It’s a thought process that is “pregnant” with EXPECTATION.

A thought that is often repeated gains power and tends to come true. This is in a nutshell, how creative visualization works.

“To visualize is to see what is not there, what is not real – a dream. To visualize is, in fact, to make visual lies. Visual lies, however, have a way of coming true.”  – Peter McWilliams –

There have been many scientific studies in how positive thinking and optimism plays a part in determining a person’s outcome or life situations. Psychologist Michael F. Scheier did some groundbreaking research in 1985 exploring the real power of optimism.

In his findings he says, “We also know why optimists do better than pessimists. The answer lies in the differences between the coping strategies they use. Optimists are not simply being Pollyannas; they’re problem solvers who try to improve the situation. And if it can’t be altered, they’re also more likely than pessimists to accept that reality and move on.”

Life Habits of the Hopelessly Optimists

Another interesting thing about some of the findings of Dr. Scheier’s study is what he found out about the personal habits of some of these optimistically positive people:

“Physically, they’re more likely to engage in behaviors that help protect against disease and promote recovery from illness. They’re less likely to smoke, drink, and have poor diets, and more likely to exercise, sleep well, and adhere to rehab programs. Pessimists, on the other hand, tend to deny, avoid, and distort the problems they confront, and dwell on their negative feelings. It’s easy to see now why pessimists don’t do so well compared to optimists.”

Want to be a Magnet for Success?

Many people will attest to the power of a positively focused mindset. And the good news is that this is a learned behavior that can be incorporated very quickly into your life. Check out some of the resources I have under the “Mindset” tab at the top. The following video shares some things that you can incorporate into your life RIGHT NOW!

It pays to be positively optimistic – it really does spill out into life.

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