Apr 09

6 Quick Social Marketing Tips

socialmediaOne of the best ways to market your opportunity online is by effectively using social media to attract traffic. If you’re not using this correctly, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get better results in your marketing.

Social media is among the best technologies to use because of the personal interaction factor. With a good strategy as to how you will integrate social media into your marketing plan, you can pick up traffic to your website very quickly.

Here are some tips for driving some visitors through social media to your site.

1. Jump on Twitter trends. The trending topics on Twitter are listed on the left of the screen, and change frequently. Keep an eye on the trends and try to tie them into what you site is about. If you use a hash tag to join in the trending conversation, even those that don’t follow you will be able to see your tweet. If they like what you have to say, they may follow you and even visit your website.

2. When using Facebook, join relevant groups to post your Ad (home based business groups, online marketing groups, etc.) Use a graphic Ad as a photo upload, not just the link. Picture Ads catch the attention and can convey the content much better than a lot of text. Keep your text in the text field short and sweet, not full of rediculous hype, and include the link. It’s best to create your own picture ads so you can stand out.

3. Make lots of new friends in groups, like their posts, compliment them, send friend requests. Don’t always place Ads, but post valuable interesting content, blog content, motivational quotes, etc. Let people get to know you. People are more apt to join you if they like you.

4. Run a ‘Like’ Contest. People love free stuff, so offer up a contest on Facebook for anyone who ‘Likes’ your page. As people click on ‘Like’ and share you page, you could quickly wind up with quite a following, and a good bit of traffic to boot. For the small cost of giving away a product or service, you can get a good amount of attention for your website.

5. Make Direct Contact on Twitter. People love to interact with the owners of businesses or website, so reach out to those that you think might be interested in your site. Don’t make it too sales oriented, just be yourself and try to show some personality. If they enjoy what you have to say, a visit to your site couldn’t be far behind.

6. Post a Personal Video on YouTube. Rather than remaining faceless behind your keyboard, shoot a video of yourself discussing something about your opportunity and post it to YouTube.  Make sure you enter in a description of the site with links to your web page and use a lot of relevant key words. This will bring your site to life and give people a face and voice to attach to your site. The effect of the personal touch on the interest people have in a website cannot be overstated.

Using social media to get some quick traffic doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Be creative and have fun with the process. Think it though, offer something of value, and watch the hits start to add up.


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I'm a home-based entrepreneur and a professional musician. I'm impassioned about working from home & helping others succeed as entrepreneurs. I'm a Dad to 3 awesome adult kids & 2 great step-kids, husband to my beautiful wife, Cheryl. I love time with friends and family, being creative, writing/performing music, physical fitness and antique shopping with my wife.