Jun 12

How to Generate More Leads AND Cash for Your Business

generatemoreleadsWhen I first started marketing online, it was after a number of years doing network marketing the old-fashioned way: sponsoring friends and family and offline advertising in local newspapers. With the advent of the internet, I knew it was going to be a promising way of doing business with less rejection.

Websites were starting to pop up, along with lead capture pages and autoresponders along with other online technologies to help automate the process of getting prospects and sifting through to real decisions. Early on, I knew I was going to have to learn the skill of learning how to build a website from scratch using software to build my own sales funnels to attract leads because the MLM business I was in, didn’t have an internet presence at all. It was hard learning it, but I got the knack.

Finally… Life Got Easier (and So Did Marketing!)

relaxinglaptopWith all of the tools that are available on the market today, there’s no shortage of “business-in-a-box” systems that will help you build any business. Some have a few “bells and whistles” but few have really packed as much functionality and marketing tools as the Power Lead System. This system has really caught my attention and sky-rocketed my results in generating leads online.

The Power Lead System hosts a complete marketing system platform that provides marketing tools for online marketers to market ANY business online. It works well for online as well as offline businesses. As a customer and/or an affiliate (optional), you can choose to use PLS products to help you build traffic and generate leads on autopilot for any business you choose using a big arsenal of tools for you to use in this power-packed marketing suite.

The main thing that PLS offers are “ready to go” Sales Funnels (Lead Capture Pages) with it’s own pre-written autoresponders to promote you as an industry expert as well as your specific home-based business. It also gives you the ability to be creative and modify everything they offer or create a sales funnel from scratch. Many templates, graphics, backgrounds, videos, and formats are provided for you to just pick out something that will catch anyone’s eyes and attract more leads. Very POWERFUL.

But the lead capture pages and the ability to build your list are only the tip of the iceberg, there are many more tools and of course theirs lots of training videos on how to use everything making it all easy-to-understand and use. There’s also training on how to do general online marketing using their tools, which any online newbie will truly appreciate. PLS also does weekly live training.

Another FANTASTIC feature is that you can easily put together a sales funnel system for your particular business and make it a template for your team to easily duplicate your sales funnel. This is a very powerful because it helps you create teams and duplicate your success. Needless to say, this is a “secret weapon” of many Pro Network Marketers who are building large teams online.

Want to Make MORE Money?

100percentOutside of PLS’s large marketing suite, it also offers an optional affiliate program where affiliates can earn commissions off the sales of PLS’s products. To be clear, PLS pays commissions on product sales, not on recruiting. The system and compensation plan was built with the goal of helping you make more money in your existing business, by giving you tools, training, and systems as well as a marketable product.

The goal of the affiliate program is help provide you with a way to create a leveraged affiliate income from marketing their system, tools, and trainings, to help home-based business owners have more success in their business. To do this, they have created a system that distributes commissions on products being sold, according to a powerful compensation plan called the ‘Accelerated Leverage’ plan which includes earning 100% commissions including a very lucrative “twist” to this compensation model. This powerful compensation plan has helped many online marketers create a “career-sized” income with PLS in addition to generating more leads (and more income) with their “primary” business.

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