May 12

How to Set Up a Sizzle Line to Generate Offline Leads

A Sizzle Line is a great offline marketing technique used for years by many Network Marketers because it’s simple and duplicatable. It’s basically a recorded message accessed by phone sharing your opportunity, service or product.

It allows your prospect to leave their contact information for you to call them back. This is something that you should create yourself so that you can capture your own leads using your own voice and cusom-made message.

A few key elements & some tips for creating an effective Sizzle Call:

1) It should be upbeat & exciting to listen to or strong with posture. It shouldn’t sound “sales pitchy” like a used car sales person. Don’t talk slow but don’t talk too fast either. Speak clearly. You should use a script and practice it till it doesn’t sound like it’s being read.

2) Don’t bore your prospects, they’ll hang up. Your sizzle message should be brief but to the point…between 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Longer than a minute is fine if it’s exciting and loaded with benefits rather than selling or if you include a few brief recorded testimonies…that would be especially powerful.

3) Don’t do a whole presentation about the company, facts about it making a zillion dollars in sales, great management staff, etc….none of that stuff interests people. You want to present an answer to a problem or a need…more money to get out of debt, more time freedom, be able to stay home with your kids, etc.

4) It should raise curiosity and be enticing for people to respond to it.

5) You should be able to answer a few objections so that people would feel comfortable leaving a message to be contacted.

6) You should include something in your message that will pre-qualify your prospects so you can weed out the tire-kickers and time wasters. You want SERIOUS people.

7) You should have a clear call to action and state it with posture. Don’t sound needy, don’t sound unsure of yourself, tired, stressed or angry. Be STRONG & CONFIDENT! The call to action could be either to leave a message or to go to your website.

Here’s a sample sizzle message that I’ve used for an MLM company. Notice I don’t mention the company name or go into any great detail…again, you want to build curiosity and qualify your prospects. Tweak this to fit your paticular business opportunity or product:


“Hello, my name is Jim Cruz and I’m excited for you because this call can absolutely change your life. If you’re anything like me and you wondered if there’s a legitimate home-based business that could put you back in command of your life, your future, your finances, and your freedom, then listen very carefully to what I’m about to say. Many of our members are generating monthly 4 & 5 figure monthly incomes and some members are achieving 6 figures in their first year with NO inventory to buy, NO selling, NO large investment AND NO risk. In fact, you can start FREE. If this sounds too good to be true or you’re skeptical, then this insight is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU.”

“I am looking for self-starters who are self motivated and most importantly people who believe they deserve more out of life. If that sounds like you, I will take you through a very relaxed 2-step process so that you can make an intelligent decision about changing your present situation. What I will NOT do is convince or sell to you. After the tone, leave your name and number TWICE, and the best time to reach you, and I will personally call you back within 24 – 48 hours, or visit my website at www.EarnMoreMoneyAtHome.com to get the info FAST. Thanks for calling and have a great day.”

How to Get a Sizzle Line

There are a number of providers that can give you a sizzle line that is very cost effective.
If you’re sizzle call is less than a minute, you can use Google Voice for FREE. You can set it up so it doesn’t forward to your physical phone but will only take messages. You’ll be able to record your greeting/sizzle message by phone. Responses will be emailed to you automatically in your email if you have a Google account.

My personal favorite is Simple VoiceBox (http://bit.ly/dCU77n). I’ve used them for years and it’s always been reliable and cost-effective.

Promoting Your Sizzle Line

You can drive callers to your Sizzle Line a number of different ways, here’s a few…

1. Ads in Craigslist (this is a great way to get around CL ghosting or banning links)
2. Ads in local papers
3. Email Signature at the end of your emails
4. Drop Cards (http://bit.ly/w4rleo)
5. Business Cards
6. Flyers
7. Postcard Marketing

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