Meet Jimmy

me&loveHello & Welcome! 

My name is Jimmy Cruz and I want to thank you for dropping by here at my blog.

While you’re here, go ahead and connect with me on Facebook. I always enjoy making new friends and meeting like-minded people, because if you think about it, the real stuff of life isn’t so much about accomplishments or money, but the people you’ve encountered along the way on your journey through life.

A Little About Me…

I share my life with my beautiful wife, best friend, and my better half, Cheryl. Originally, I’m from Long Island, NY, and Cheryl is originally from Morgantown, WV. We make our home just South of Atlanta, GA. We have a big family – 5 kids and a grandson, all of them live in GA. All of them are great kids and we’re proud of them all.


Career-wise (besides being an online marketer), I also work in corporate America in the insurance field for many years. At the same time I’ve been a professional musician as a jazz/blues/rock guitarist most of my life and run a successful business as a private guitar instructor for over 30 years. Music has been one my life’s greatest passions since I was a child. This was my chosen career from the time I was a teenager and I’ve pursued doing that till it became a reality as a young adult.

Because I make a good living from my music and it’s been my life-long passion, I’ve regarded it as my main career. 


Besides being a musician, I enjoy time with my wife, family and friends, the outdoors, physical fitness, old classic movies, reading and of course playing my guitar, performing, teaching and writing music.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, ever since I was a newspaper delivery boy at 12 years of age. Getting new customers, getting paid, and making tips from my customers helped me appreciate the benefits of working for myself.

I’ve been introduced to Network Marketing about 20 years ago and saw it as a way to be able to work from home and spend more time with my family. I took on Network Marketing and worked at it using old-school techniques: friends, family, and cold-calling on the phone. A few years later I started to build my income using the internet and gain skills in ad copy, list building, as well as website building.

Early on I’ve learned the importance of belonging to a good team. Much of what I learned master-minding with fellow team members and being mentored has been a big help to me. Those experiences serve me well as I apply them still today in my online marketing pursuits.

I believe in having multiple streams of income…as a general rule, and helping those that would partner with me. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and believe wholeheartedly in what it can do for people when they put their heart and soul into pursuing a dream. I truly believe that network marketing and online marketing is the greatest business for attaining a great lifestyle of time freedom, financial freedom, meeting and building great friendships and helping others reach their goals. This truly is a wonderfully fulfilling industry.

If you are looking for a solution to help you succeed in life through aligning yourself with a profitable business to do online, I know that we can help you.

Feel free to contact me below or on FaceBook.

To your Prosperity!