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Everyone likes FREE Stuff. Especially if it’s useful. I wanted to offer you these FREE resources as my way of saying thanks for dropping by my blog today. You may want to bookmark this site for future reference if you found some of the content here useful.

Many of the folks who visit here are online marketers at all levels of experience. My hopes are to help those who are learning how to navigate through the online jungle and give them the tools and information they need to succeed.

Below are some FREE informational gifts for you on various topics along with some BONUS content in each one. Please feel free to download them byright-clicking on the links or images below and saving them to your computer. You may also share them with others you know who have an interest in online marketing.


Think & Grow Rich The Science of Getting Rich Law of Attraction

Make Your Facebook Ads Pop with Symbols

Plain Facebook text ads are boring to look at. But if you use symbols or Emoji’s in your ads, you’ll catch more eyes. You can use also use these in your subject lines if you advertise on some of the free online Ads websites such as Backpage or Craigslist and even in subject lines in your emails.


100% FREE Lead Capture Page System

Marketer, Nick Roditis, has made a very useful resource for online marketers, a completely FREE Lead Capture Page Creator. This is a real easy to use system. There’s nothing to download, no hosting to purchase, no upgrade membership to pay for, and no technical gibberish to decipher. I happen to have a lot of web designing experience and over the years as a marketer, I have created many of my own lead capture pages and websites from scratch. But I have to confess, I personally use this system quite a bit because it’s quick and easy to put together some great lead capture pages. The only thing you need to make this a fully functional lead capture page is your own autoresponder (I recommend GVO because it’s cost-effective and easy to use). You could actually make some really nice landing pages with it as well. The instructions are simple to follow and you could have a page up in 5 – 10 minutes. If you know how to manipulate a little html, you could also add some of your own graphics along with video content to make some snappy looking pages using the entry field for video. I’ll be doing a blog post and video soon on some of the tricks I use to make cool pages with this system. Here are some actual live examples of one’s I’ve created with the FREE Lead Capture Page Creator:

Example: One of my Lead Capture Pages

Click Here to get your own FREE Lead Capture Pages Creator account and start creating some of your own designs.